You find yourself in a freezing cold evening on a frozen lake.

Now, all the snowmen have gone crazy and can’t find their way back home into their fridges.

Guide them to reach the boxes that match the color of their scarfs!

Collectable Power-Ups

  •  Coffe (Raises Speed)
  • Mulled Wine (Slows down)
  • Pillow (Take a rest)
  • Multi-Color Scarf (Every fridge could be your home now! But beware of collisions now)
Known Bugs
  • Clipping errors with the exit boxes
  • Spawning of new Snowmen is sometimes a bit unfair, but I had no time to do proper balancing :-)
  • The colored boxes were supposed to be fridges, but also had no time left for that

External Stuff I used

  • Sounds made with Bfxr v1.4.1 (
  • Font by Måns Grebäck (,

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